Nos services

KB SAP Consulting est un bureau d’Etudes expérimenté en Ingénierie & Conseils disposé à trouver des solutions innovantes pour un développement durable.




- Production de Plans architecturaux, structuraux et détails techniques / Rendus 3D

- Calculs de Structure aux EF en acier/Béton

- Rédaction des Cahiers de Charges, Devis descriptifs et Quantitatifs

- Montage de dossier permis de bâtir.



- Etudes / Contrôle et suivis des Travaux de Réhabilitation / Rénovations des ouvrages de génie civil

- Élaboration des programmes d’Assurance qualité

- Auscultation et diagnostic des pathologies des infrastructures civiles et des ouvrages d’Arts

- Suivis & Contrôles




- Assistance à la maîtrise d'ouvrage et contrôle technique

- Maîtrise d'oeuvre technique

- Economie de la construction

- Accompagnement, Solutions d'optimisation & d'innovation, Consultation des entreprises



- Etudes de marchés, Etudes d'opportunités, Etudes commerciales, Etudes de faisabilité (Exploitation prévisionnelle, Plan de financement, Business Plan)

- Expertises & Evaluations immobilières



Notre pluridisciplinarité est un de nos atouts. Nos experts sont spécialistes de projets d'ingénierie divers, notamment :

- Les études d'impact environnemental

- La conception / Les études & suivis réalisation des réseaux électriques (Transport & distribution d'énergie)

- L'électricité domotique & les énergies renouvelables

- Les études et dimensionnement des structures et infrastructures des lignes électriques

- Les études et maîtrises d'oeuvre pour la construction de quais et ponts

- Les métalliques / Mixtes 



  • Corporate social innovation

    KB SAP supports private and public sector organizations to embed CSR and Sustainable principles in the core of their strategy, operations and culture. In collaboration with our clients, we identify opportunities and develop robust business cases to make CSR a source of ongoing and increasing value for business. Our offers include advisory & technical assistance which contributes to moving our clients to Corporate Social Innovation and high impact Sustainable practices.

  • Corporate governance

    Today, the world’s largest and emerging corporations coordinate sustainability at the board level, indicating that sustainability is a new corporate strategic exigency. KB SAP Management Consulting supports its clients to integrate sustainability at their board levels by focusing on the most effective drivers of sustainability performance, « Governance practices ».

  • Human resources management & Organizational transformation

    Our HR consulting service provides business value-driven Human Resource services encompassing a broad spectrum of HR disciplines designed to provide tailored expertise that supports the success of our clients. Our service delivery is based on timely execution of agreed upon deliverables and performance results. We take the complexity of HR off your shoulders so you can focus on growing your business.

  • Environmental, social & governance strategy

    In line with our Engineering and Construction subsidiary, we help our real estate developpers, asset owners, investment managers, occupiers and facilitiy operators to formalize and achieve better Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) Strategies and market share outcomes. In this regard, we provide advisory on creating ESG policies, regularly reporting on their stewardship and engagement activities. Leveraging on our experience working with clients from world class ESG and Stewardship teams in global organisations.

  • Corporate security management

    There is need for Skilled Security Staff Trained to respond to a multifaceted display of rapidly changing events in an extremely critical time surrounding organizations today. KB SAP Consulting understands this and provides a diverse range of security solutions, which can be individually tailored to our clients’ specific security needs, allowing them a competitive edge, by protecting clients key assets : employees, infrastructure, information and Company’s reputation.

  • Environmental & social management

    KB SAP Management Consulting provides technical and leadership support on environment and social governance to goverments, private investors, financial institutions and non governmental clients in a range of sectors including : Energy sector (Oil and Gas, electricity), mining, infrastructure, Telecommunications, Forestry, wild life & agriculture Urban and Rural Developement, Banking, Food & Brewery and manufacturing industries.