Environmental Protection, Conservation

KB SAP’s Community-oriented Environmental Conservation Model, “A Tree for Life,” is based upon our belief that sustainable forest and environmental management is showcasing responsible stewardship. We support our clients develop and implement environmental-friendly policies, processes and initiatives in a bid to ensure an eco-friendly environment for their businesses and communities, join in the nationwide and global struggle to ensure a safer environment for present and future generations as well as improve on the living conditions of the communities in which our clients operate via sustainable exploitation of our national forest reserves, paper recycling and dematerialization programs within organizations.

Example of the win-win PPP with local Councils, Ministerial Delegations /NGOs & the Private Sector Organizations, CIGs and NGOS, to develop Communal Eucalyptus Plantations as part of a comprehensive solution to anticipate wooden pole needs for sustained business operations of Cameroon’s main electricity production and distribution company. Incorporated into this program, is the support of local women’s associations to increase the production and commercialization of vegetables in the Fundong Sub-Division, NW Region of Cameroon.

The Tree For Life programme equally engages stakeholders to combat deforestation, degrading soil conditions and climatic changes affecting the Central African Sahel Region. In collaboration with local communities, development partners and local government bodies, we support industries to meet up with government recommendations and international standards to systematically reforest zones where trees were massively fell during major construction projects. Our sustainable tree-planting programme plays a major role in the fight against erosion, improvement of soil quality and a source of livelihood for local populations.