Social Housing Development

As populations grow, cities become more crowded than ever and the cost of living on a steady incease, the lack of affordable and adequate housing has become an increasingly important issue for individual families and governments around the world. Low-income families most often have the landed property but can’t support the cost of construction or governments not having sufficient resources to fulfill the ever-growing housing demands of the population, notably in the big economic cities. In collaboration with our Engineering and Construction subsidiary, KB SAP Management Consulting translates social housing policies into action through its Co-proprietorship Social Housing Approach, by providing modern low-cost housing to individuals and families who need it – while still affording them the dignity of a life-time eco-conscious designed and distinctive homes.  Our social housing scheme looks at elements of design and housing plans, financial sourcing, management structures, social programmes and the institutional set-up, ensuring that social housing reaches targeted households and social goals. The MANYONGO Family housing project in Bonateki-Deido quarter in Douala, Cameroon provided the family with a one-story building ; the ground floor occupied by the family and three apartments on lease.


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