Sustainable Local Economic Development

We support organisations to enhance Economic Inclusion of and Improve Social Climate with neighbouring populations of the communities in which they do business. By reinforcing existing capacities through the learning-by-doing approach involving different local actors, restructuring local groups and putting in place local participatory mechanisms, we support our clients through the identification, planning, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and communication on innovative micro projects geared towards the sustainability of their business and sustainable development of the communities in which they operate.Thanks to the project on Production & Commercialization of Plantains by local assoications of the Massock-Songloulou and Pouma Sub-divisions, Littoral Region in Cameroon, “Les Plantains de Pouma,” is known as a national & international market hub for whole & retail sale of plantains in the CEMAC Region. KB SAP’s Innovative Community Relations’ Approach to resolve business operational problems while improving the wellbeing of the communities.  In collaboration with our clients, we develop and incorporate cost-effective community oriented solutions into operational processes/procedures (shifting from corrective to preventive maintenance) through strategic alliances with service providers, neighbouring communities and local government authorities to tackle issues of common concern through win-win partnerships which are mutually beneficial for the sustainability of clients’ operations and the sustainable development of the communities in which they operate. Example of the Youth Employment Programme which provides vocational training on security / vigilance and integrates the youth into the global workforce to ensure the protection of Electricity Network Transmission Lines against Vandalism.


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